Nordland 18+ Story Driven RP


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Incredible Atmosphere

Both our admin-team and players make Nordland a truly stunning place. Their epic builds make Nordland truly unique.

High-end Hardware

We run on a high-end server infrastructure to offer you the best experience without being interrupted by massive lag.

Awesome Community

Nordland has very welcoming community. We love new players and try to make sure everyone is happy with their roleplay experience.

Unlimited Possibilities

You can be what you want. Any sort of fantasy creature is welcome at Nordland. We only have very few rules in place.

Server IP & Port:

Norland is an english speaking Conan Exiles (e)RP-Server. We run quite a few mods and some custom software to extend functionality of our server.
Our modifications include our Server-Mod which allows a more hardcore slave experience. It includes a cursed collar that the wearer can no longer take off.
For more information feel free to join the Nordland Discord Server.


Players online

and all of them are awesome! Our player base is constantly growing, there is always someone you can meet and have some roleplay.



Our admin team did build 3 amazing hubs that you can meet players at and get lost in. You can warp to each hub using /warp.



We run a lot of mods to improve your experience. It is recommended to download our Modlist.

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